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That's me

Photography is my fiancé and music my side chick.

So I combined both for my job.

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Me and my work

Hey, my name is Vic and I`m from Austria. Currently I´m studying photography in Vienna. Primarily I`m taking pictures for local bands, doing concert photography, band portraits and cover art, mainly working with the alternative Rock band Manic Days.

I always had some unique passion when it comes to music, especially for the metal and rock scene. I love digging into complex lyrics and musical schemes as well as just enjoying fun and uplifting riffs.

I love capturing moments that move by fast when it comes to concerts and I enjoy hanging out with talented musicians and documenting the insights into their backstage life.


I`m always thinking from the POV of a fan of the band. What do they want to see? What do they want to know? But also how does the band want to be seen? Combining these two is what makes my photography special. To know the band I`m working with is extremely important to me, because there has to be a connection. Otherwise you cannot bring out feelings within your pictures. 


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