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Ghost Imperatour Vienna 2022

Working at concerts is great, you can get some nice shots from the pit and maybe even get to know the bands. But also, just attending and enjoying a gig in the crowd, hanging out with fans is pretty nice. So here`s a little insight from Ghosts Vienna Concert during their Imperatour.

We had pit tickets and of course I wanted to be first row, so I was already at the venue 4 hours before entry. As soon as they opened the doors, I ran to the stage to get a nice place on the right.

First band to play was Twin Temple. Great satanic band from America, to classify in a genre mix of rock and jazz. They did a very theatric performance with a ritual of drinking blood out of a chalice at the end. Definitely an unforgettable experience!

Second band was English Doom Metal Band Uncle Acid. I just love their style and dark music! Bassist Dean Millar did hell of a show on stage dancing and headbanging all the time.

The only poor thing was the sound engineering. Drums and Bass were so loud, you couldn`t hear any singing and the Guitars were only hearable in Solos.

But now to the Band we all waited for the most…Ghost!

Kaisarion is such a great opener and I really hope it stays for the upcoming Tours. The performance, the music, the cute interactions between bandmembers were hilarious as always and we all enjoyed the show, having a good time together.

Two girls next to me even made a poster showing it to the band on stage. One of the best moments was when Aether (Black Guitar) made a paper plane out of a Mummy Dust Dollar and threw it into the Crowd. Sadly, it landed in the pit, but the Security guy nicely handed it to me. I saw the girls next to me looked a little disappointed when they didn`t get it so I gave it to them as it seems like they really wanted it!

I was able to get some nice shots, even though they weren`t made with a camera.

At the end I was kinda sad that I couldn`t get a pick for my collection, maybe next time. :)

All in all the whole Concert was great and fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

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