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Vinyl Collection

This is a little listing of the most important vinyls from my collection to get to know my music taste.

Some come with short stories about how I got them or why they are so special to me!

Tool (all sealed)

· Opiate

· Lateralus - 2005 Picture Disc

· Fear Inoculum - 2022 Box Set


Fear Inoculum – I bought it in my favourite record store in Eisenstadt and I was lucky enough to get the last one he had in store so I just had to buy it! Only problem: I worked at Lovely Days Festival right after so I had to carry it with me and keep an eye on it all the time! Still worth it.

Kiss (all sealed)

· Killers – Pink Transparent


I saw this beauty on a trip to a record store but it was too expensive at the moment, so I sadly had to leave it behind. Half a year later, my mom surprised me for Christmas with one of these very Limited Vinyls! It definitely has a special place in my heart!


· Avatar

· Black Waltz – Black and White Splatter

· Hail the Apocalypse – Green/Pink


I love all of them tbh, but Avatars Self Titled album is my favourite and I was very lucky to get a copy since it came out in 2009 and wasn`t released another time. BW and HTA came with the Avatar Ages Bundle and not just contain great music but have extremely pretty patterns making them even more special!


· Dance of December Souls

· Tonight`s Decision

· Last Fair Day Gone Night

· Viva Emptiness

· Dead End Kings

· The Fall of Hearts

· Mnemosyne

· The Great Cold Distance


Last Fair Day Gone Night – The live Video was the first thing I saw and heard from Katatonia. I instantly fell in love with the underground atmosphere and the dark but also soothing sound of their songs. It took me nearly two years to finally get my hands on one of the Limited Edition Vinyl Box Sets but I was lucky enough to order a "opened and played just once” copy online! A very special addition to my collection because Katatonia is one of my all time favourite Bands since I first heard this Album!

Leprous (all sealed)

· The Congregation

· Malina


· Opus Eponymous - Blue Glitter

· Infestissumam – Red Transparent

· Meliora

· Prequelle

· Impera - Orchid


· Total Death – Blue Marble

Woods of Ypres

· Grey Skies and Electric Lights – White


· Bloodbath over Bloodstock


· Rom 5:12


· Rammstein

· Herzeleid remastered (XXV Anniversary Edition)

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