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Music has always played a main role in my life, especially my passion for rock and metal. Working with talented musicians and documenting their life on and beyond the stage is a dream comming true. I`m currently studying photography at Graphic School in Vienna and primarily working with local bands and musicians. 



from very cool Bands

Manic Days Logo text_edited.jpg

Despite being a really good friend of mine, Vic is the photographer of my band Manic Days. Whenever we are playing a show or need a photographer for a photoshoot, she is always the first person we ask.


She has been a part of our pack for almost a year now and we are more than thankful and amazed by all the work she puts into this work.

With her we found a needle in a haystack and we're so happy to have her in our team.


WhatsApp Image 2022-09-12 at 16.20.56.jpeg

Working with Vic has always been a pleasure for us. Tammy saw her concert photos on Instagram and felt like Vic might be the right person to do our band photos. Indeed everything worked out well! Vic was always on time, the shoots were quickly done and it all went smooth. Just a week after the shooting she was done editing and the results were amazing!


Our photos look somewhat like out of a dark phantasy art book and we love it! The Vamps'N'Ghouls - that`s what our fan base is called - like the mixture of old school goth style pictures and the more dark phantasy style like ones.


Overall we received very positive feedback about Vic`s work. We currently are using her photos for our social media platforms and we are looking forward to continue working with her in the future!

- Vampy Pop

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